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The Nelson’s Project

The Johnson's Residence

At Fastool Construction Ltd, we take pride in creating beautiful and functional window installations that improve the look, feel, and value of your home. The Johnson's residence is a prime example of our work - with custom-made double-glazed windows that enhance the energy efficiency of the home while providing a sleek and modern look.

House Extensions

Whether you are looking to add space to a cosy kitchen or significantly extend your house, we will help guide you step by step to ensure your extension project maximises space, cost efficiencies and integrates perfectly into your home.  
If your vision is a simple porch, a single, double, wrap around or even multi-storey house extension, we will ensure your project is delivered to perfection on time and within budget.

20131 Grove Street

The Parkview Office Building

Commercial buildings require durable and reliable window installations that can withstand the test of time and weather. At Fastool Construction Ltd, we have the expertise and the materials to deliver high-quality window installations that meet the needs of any commercial project. The Parkview Office Building is a testament to our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What we do

We are a main contractor and we work across all industry sectors. We take on projects from the value of £50,000 up to £10,000,000 and these reflect our range of expertise and experience. All our work is driven by a passion to work closely with the customer and deliver what they want on time and on budget.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Greenway Apartment Complex

Multi-family residential buildings require window installations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also meeting strict safety and security standards. Fastool Construction Ltd has the experience and the skill to design and install window systems that meet these requirements. The Greenway Apartment Complex is a prime example of our ability to deliver quality work on large-scale projects.

Design and Build Projects 

Our Design and Build team are highly experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial construction and have created everything from beautiful bespoke homes to steel and glass retail developments. Whether you are an experienced commercial property developer, or are looking for house builders to help with your first residential construction, we can guide and support you through every aspect of the Project

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